Why not go on a cruise trip in Italy?

You just have to select the perfect yacht...

...cruise on board a sailboat, catamaran or gulet...

...and enjoy all the beauties Italy has to offer!

Select Your Charter Boat in Italy

Catamarans and Sailing Boats for charter

Deciding on a Catamaran or a Sailing Boat for Cruising in Italy?

When your decision to cruise in Italy has been made, you wonder how to select the perfect charter boat. First of all, consider your preferences and select a yacht accordingly. The difference between a catamaran and a sailboat lies in the fact that catamarans have two hulls and are thus more stable and safe. Catamarans are also generally faster, more spacious and offer more privacy and comfort when cruising in Italy. They also have a shallow draft, which means they get into bays and coves the monohull yachts cannot reach. Sailboats, on the other hand, are a cheaper yacht option in marinas and have many more models on offer than catamaran cruise yachts.

Gulet Cruise Italy

Should you Opt for a Gulet Cruise in Italy?

If you and your friends would like to sail Italy in true traditional fashion with a spacious and comfortable charter boat, select a gulet. This gives you the chance to enjoy a hassle-free and relaxed vacation in Italy, as less sailing is done on a gulet than on other types of cruise yachts. Gulets come fully crewed, which means you will also get all meals on board your cruise yacht and they will be prepared from only the freshest local ingredients. To make your cruise even more comfortable and above all safe, the gulets are equipped with modern navigation systems. Last, but not least, when on a gulet cruise in Italy, you can make your own itinerary and define the pace of sailing according to your needs and wishes.

Different yacht brands in more detail

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