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Winds & Weather for Sailing in Italy

Italy sailing season

When is the Best Sailing Season in Italy?

The general sailing season in Italy lasts from the beginning of May to the end of October. Peak months include July and August, although the temperatures are high then and there can be periods without wind. The bays can also get a bit crowded during this time of year and the moorings are usually pretty expensive. Sea temperatures in Italy are generally pleasant enough for swimming from the end of May until October, so it is perhaps best to avoid the main season and the crowds and go sailing in June or September. Of course, the weather conditions depend on the region of Italy you are sailing to, as some parts tend to have their own distinct climate and different winds.

Italy winds

Winds in Italy

Italian weather is very diverse and can be divided into several sailing regions. The regions are based mainly on geography and each of them has its own prevailing winds. The Tramontana winter wind blows in the north of Italy, descending from the Alps. This wind is strongest before sunrise. The Scirocco wind blows in the south and brings humid weather in summer, as well as red dust from the Sahara. The Libeccio affects Sardinia and the Tuscan coast, blowing from the south-west, and the Maestrale wind comes from the north-west and blows on the west coast of Sardinia. Northern Adriatic is affected by the rather strong Bora wind. The peak of the sailing season, July and August, can be a bit windless, so be prepared for that if going sailing in Italy during that period.

Selecting the yacht to charter in Italy

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